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At Violet Hamden, we believe that a watch shows you more than just the time. Time is something special. It makes you think back to a certain feeling, a memory or a dream. Violet Hamden women's watches are made with passion for today's women.

Ladies watch

Women wear watches for two reasons. The first, of course, is to keep track of time. With a watch on your wrist you always know what time it is and you will never forget an appointment. The second reason is that a ladies watch is a good addition to your outfit and can complete your look. 

Did you know that the wristwatch is a real invention for women? Men also wore watches, but these were pocket watches. With a wristwatch, women could also carry the time with them in an elegant and feminine way.

The fact that watches were invented as a piece of jewellery for women is often reflected in the contemporary design of watches. Often, women's watches feature beautiful designs, elegant colours and sometimes even zirconia stones or other extras.

Violet Hamden watches

Violet Hamden offers a wide range of the most beautiful women's watches. This way, there's something for everyone! But how do you find your new favourite watch? We'll be happy to help you on your way!

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you are looking for a round watch or a square watch. The Dawn collection features square watches, while the Sunrise and Sirius collections feature round watches. Round watches are a timeless classic but square watches are also a real trend at the moment.

What kind of watch strap are you looking for? At Violet Hamden, you'll find women's watches with leather straps, bracelet straps or mesh watch straps. Can't choose? Violet Hamden has also thought of something! You can change the straps of the Dawn and Sunrise collections so you always have a new look to your watch. How fun is that?

And finally, the colour of the watch. This is where it gets tricky, Violet Hamden has ladies watches in many different colours and designs. For example, do you choose black, gold or silver, or do you go for a watch with multiple colours? And what about the colour of the dial? Here too you have plenty of choice!

All Violet Hamden watches are made of 316L stainless steel and have a Quartz movement. The dial also contains mineral glass. This glass is the most used watch glass in the world and very strong. Violet Hamden watches are durable and you will enjoy them for a long time!

Do you want to complete your look? Take a look at the jewellery collection of Violet Hamden. Combine your watch with a nice bracelet, necklace or ring and make a stylish impression!

Did you find your favorite ladies watch? Do not wait any longer and become the owner of a beautiful Violet Hamden watch. Order quickly and easily through the webshop. Your new watch will be delivered to you as soon as possible!

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