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About us

Violet Hamden stands for a conscious lifestyle. Enjoy life and make precious memories. Follow your heart and be curious! The stylish watches are divided into two collections: the Nowness collection and the Day & Night collection.

“Time is not catchable, we look back on a certain feeling, a memory or a dream. Be conscious when you get up in the morning, execute your rituals, meet friends, travel to work or explore the world.”

Creating memories

For our jewellery collection, we designed sophisticated minimalistic necklaces, bracelets, and earrings which can be combined perfectly. Up for a change? All watch straps are interchangeable, so you are able to create a new look in no time. Save your precious memories in the accompanied time capsule, containing a journal to write down your thoughts and dreams. Time is now.

Endless journey

We believe that there is more than a quick look on your watch to check the time. Be conscious of the time and what you are doing in that moment.

“Discover the beautiful everyday things that take place around you, the people you meet, and the adventures you are experiencing. The silence of nature or the bustling city life. Day and night. It is a neverending journey.”

Quality time

Violet Hamden stands for quality. Our watches are handmade by specialised watchmakers with passion for their craft. We work with qualitative materials and give a two year guarantee on all watches. Our jewellery collection is also designed with the utmost attention for the smallest detail. Aside from the story behind our product, we think quality and affordability is important. With Violet Hamden, you choose consciously for a stylish and inspiring fashion item which you can enjoy for a long
period of time.

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